Fans become raving fans when they engage with your brand, and we believe in developing the excitement and enthusiasm of athletic brands.

The holistic experience of sports is unique. Before they ever arrive at a stadium or arena, the hype begins. It is our intention to ensure that energy is sustained through the signage and products that we create. From approaching the facility to once they’re inside to taking their seat, every attendee should expect a quality and creative experience.


Your fan base should be as excited about the signage as you are

From professional football and baseball to the ultimate competitors in college athletics, IMG has produced signs that elevate the fan experience. Our team is prepared to partner with you to develop creative, quality, and sustainable signage that creates the “wow” factor for your facility.


A system like Imago is perfect for your athletic office interiors

Don’t assume that a sign system can transform into the perfect solution for your team facility. Imago has the versatility to look custom while also being cost effective. (Don’t doubt us, or we’ll sick a linebacker on you.)


Imago starts simple and expands with the needs or the customer. Base and component signs combine to meet the needs of each room. The creative elements begin with solid colors and brand elements and transform with the use of digital prints and surface design.


Parking is the first and last impression of your event experience

Finding the proper lot and the perfect spot starts with solid directional signage. Finding the exit and getting out of the garage or lot is no different. If you want to make a positive impression with your fans, don’t skip on the plan and design of your parking signage.


Custom Parking Signage

Blue lot. Orange lot. Gold lot. Let’s make sure that every lot is easily found. Then let’s get them to the game as smoothly as possible.


Parkade: A Sign System

Just like you would say in sports, “No short cuts.” Parkade is a comprehensive solution to parking without the custom cost.