What does a parking garage sign system do for you?

What does a parking garage sign system do for you?

When we think about parking garages, we’re often reminded of the frustrating experiences. Locating the entrance was difficult, navigating the garage was confusing, and inevitably finding a spot was less than ideal. What’s unfortunate is that too often, this was the first impression your customer or colleague experienced.

Project Highlight: Georgia World Congress Center & The Home Depot Backyard

If you’ve ever been to Atlanta, like this past weekend perhaps, chances are you’re familiar with Georgia World Congress Center and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Home to two local sports teams and almost every convention or major event imaginable, pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the area is constant and can get congested. This problem was particularly noticeable on game days, when thousands of fans would show up early and tailgate in the surrounding area. To address these concerns, GWCC reevaluated their wayfinding system while Mercedes-Benz Stadium developed The Home Depot Backyard, a central location where fans can tailgate. They turned to Image Manufacturing Group to implement their design intent, with the objective of improving the public’s ability to properly locate, navigate and access Georgia World Congress Center or The Home Depot Backyard at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Team Changes are a Sign of Growth & Goals

2018 was another year that we enjoyed the privilege of serving our clients. We are humbled by the loyal relationships we have with designers, architects, and brands that trust us to translate their vision and designs into reality. Because of their partnership, 2018 was another record-setting revenue year for IMG.

As we are firmly into 2019, we are excited about some of the changes and opportunities that growth have created. We are especially enthusiastic about a few significant personnel updates.

Enhancing the Parking Deck Experience

When was the last time you witnessed a tall vibrant building with an emaciated parking deck starving for a splash of creative zest? Disappointingly, parking decks have been reduced to tension rods and beams submerged in layers of poured concrete with a few level indicator signs and painted arrows. They are visually stifling. As Calder Loth describes them, “These vapid works of naked engineering are little more than concrete shelving to store our vehicles, blaring the fatuous rationale that form follows function.”