Project Highlight: Georgia World Congress Center & The Home Depot Backyard

If you’ve ever been to Atlanta, like this past weekend perhaps, chances are you’re familiar with Georgia World Congress Center and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Home to two local sports teams and almost every convention or major event imaginable, pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the area is constant and can get congested. This problem was particularly noticeable on game days, when thousands of fans would show up early and tailgate in the surrounding area. To address these concerns, GWCC reevaluated their wayfinding system while Mercedes-Benz Stadium developed The Home Depot Backyard, a central location where fans can tailgate. They turned to Image Manufacturing Group to implement their design intent, with the objective of improving the public’s ability to properly locate, navigate and access Georgia World Congress Center or The Home Depot Backyard at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

In order to achieve these goals, pedestrian wayfinding monuments were created, guiding visitors through the complex area to their desired location or transit stop. With a unique triangular shape, these signs were fabricated from aluminum and illuminated providing extra visibility at night. To aid vehicular traffic, blade wayfinding signs were created, allowing those in cars to easily find the appropriate parking deck. In addition to improving the wayfinding, larger monument signs were created for the different entrances to the GWCC buildings and parking areas, making them easier for visitors to identify.

Within The Home Depot Backyard are additional pedestrian wayfinding signs, pointing visitors to the surrounding buildings and transit stops. These signs were also fabricated with the signature triangle shape, and feature a colored stripe down the side in The Home Depot orange or Atlanta Falcons red. A Welcome banner was also created for The Home Depot Backyard, greeting fans and visitors as they enjoy this new open space.

The GWCC remains one of the leading convention, sports, and entertainment centers in the world, however the overall visitor experience has significantly improved as a result of these changes. Thousands of guests can now easily locate the sprawling GWCC, access the appropriate parking area and enjoy The Home Depot Backyard.