What does a parking garage sign system do for you?

When we think about parking garages, we’re often reminded of the frustrating experiences. Locating the entrance was difficult, navigating the garage was confusing, and inevitably finding a spot was less than ideal. What’s unfortunate is that too often, this was the first impression your customer or colleague experienced.

In the years that we have been producing signage for parking garages, we have witnessed two common trends:

  • Less importance applied to the design

  • Budgets that strip away resources from the parking garage signage

Because a parking garage is often the initial brand experience, we believe more attention and financial resources should be given to this environment. At the same time, we understand the challenges at the architect, designer, and contractor levels.

In most cases, parking garage signage is led by a function-over-fashion mentality. That’s how it should be. Ultimately, the purpose of the signage is to help navigate and identify safe and comfortable place to park. However, a parking garage is part of a journey. Once parked, locating stairs or elevators, remembering where you parked (and how to return to that location), and ultimately exiting the garage in the ideal location are equally part of the experience. The planning and signage are essential to creating a comprehensive encounter that should not be taken lightly.


Parkade was created to provide a functional solution to the parking garage navigation experience while providing significant creativity, flexibility, and cost savings. When combined with proper planning and focus on the customer experience, Parkade completes the journey.

Because Parkade is a “system,” the components are ready for assembly and installation in a short period of time, thus saving money and time from a production perspective. In addition, Parkade provides time and cost savings from a design perspective as well. We know that architects and designers often allot a specific amount of time to plan and design the wayfinding for the garage. Parkade simplifies the design process and simply requires focus on the message and graphics, not the structure. Because of Parkade’s design, the system is easily changeable at any time the design of the garage requires an update.

When the focus should be on creating a positive customer experience, don’t assume that cost is a barrier. If custom does not seem like an option, rather than cutting the budget or compromising on design and function, choose Parkade for your next parking garage experience.

Learn more about Parkade here.