Custom Signage

When it comes to custom signage, there are few companies in North America that have the heritage and experience of IMG. Our team is focused on partnering with environmental graphic designers, architects, interior designers, and brands to provide a positive experience that results in the most effective signage that reflects the design intent.


Exterior Signage

Your exterior signs are the first presentation of your brand to your customer. They serve a key function of providing peace of mind that everyone is exactly where they belong.


Wall Graphics

Digital wall graphics provide extreme creativity to enhance a space. Rather than simply painting or wallpapering, consider designing custom graphics that provide feeling and meaning.


Interior Signage

Whether you design it or us, your interior signage should consist of materials and textures that create an attractive space. Let us partner with you to execute on that vision within budget.


Donor Recognition

The generosity of donors should be reflected in creative presentations. Exterior memorials and interior donor walls are excellent methods for honoring those who believe in the cause.