The brand of an educational institution is not built on education alone. The first impression of a campus is often the earliest contributor to the decision of whether or not the school is right for those who visit. IMG believes that properly planned, designed, produced, and installed signage is essential to building a positive lasting reputation.

Like other schools throughout the Southeast, trust us to elevate your campus experience with constructed and digital solutions that ensure visitors will come back to stay.


Make school spirit resonate throughout your campus signage

Amplifying the vision and enthusiasm of your school through signage makes a direct impact on your students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Complex campuses and buildings require effective signage, and the integration of your brand personalizes every sign.

IMG’s significant experience in educational environments ensures that your signs will adhere to the desire for excellence that you have in every aspect of your institution.


Imago integrates your school’s branding with adaptable design

Imago works in student centers, office buildings, and classroom settings. It’s the perfect combination of function and fashion that provides flexibility when you need it.


Imago starts simple and expands with the needs or the customer. Base and component signs combine to meet the needs of each room. The creative elements begin with solid colors and brand elements and transform with the use of digital prints and surface design.


When you think of your rival, it shouldn’t be called “Parking.”

It’s a bad word in educational settings. Don’t compound the situation with a poorly designed parking experience. Make sure your students, staff, and campus visitors know where they can and can’t go. Let’s work to make the experience ideal.


Custom Parking Signage

Let’s work together to change the look and feel of your campus with custom signage that ensures every person finds the perfect parking location for their campus visit.


Parkade: A Sign System

Parkade is the perfect solution for campus-wide signage applications. Integrating a school logo or color scheme into the sign system is easy. You’ll love how Parkade makes parking signage easy.


Digital signage solutions enhance flexibility of your space and deliver ease of navigation

Where space is used in unique ways, digital signage is a practical tool to help your campus visitors know where to be and when. EPS signage is a unique sign system that is easy to implement and makes the use of reserveable space easy to manage. Digital wayfinding solutions help people unfamiliar with your campus navigate the path from parking to building to room with ease.


Digital Signage


Electronic Paper Signage (EPS)


Digital Wayfinding