In one of the most stressful environments, well-done wayfinding and signage is key. Not only does it create an ideal experience for patients and visitors, but it also can affect the bottom line.

IMG has created signage for healthcare facilities throughout the US including Buffalo-Niagara Medical Center and Augusta University & Children’s Hospital. In addition, we’ve produced digital wayfinding kiosks for Marshall Medical Center and patient check-in solutions for Clearwave.

We also produce Overture, a complete sign system for healthcare facilities, and Parkade, a parking garage sign system. Both products are ideal for facilities that want excellence in quality and design while achieving the economic benefits of a standard product.


Custom signage in healthcare is a combination of art & science

Patients. Families. Expectant parents. New staff. People come to your space facing major moments in their lives and those of their loved ones. You're there to receive a diverse public with caring, reassurance and warmth. But the floorplans of many hospitals are complex and often intimidating to visitors. That creates wayfinding challenges at times when people are already anxious and distracted. IMG is a trusted partner for developing custom signage solutions to address those challenges.


Two sign systems for healthcare interiors that elevate the experience

Sign systems provide alternatives to custom solutions. The primary reason systems are considered is to save money; however, systems also have a tendency to reduce the creativity that a brand can leverage. With IMG sign systems you win now and in the long run. Our systems are designed to provide maximum creativity along with consistency and efficiency.



Use Imago in your healthcare office facilities, medical office buildings, and corporate spaces. Imago is a flexible and professional solution.



Overture is designed as a system for hospitals and medical spaces. Its minimal design is clean, functional, and cost-effective.


Reduce the stress of navigating medical facilities with
excellent parking signage

IMG has produced parking signage for hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country. We believe parking signage is essential to deliver a strong first impression for your visitors and patients.


Custom Parking Signage

Collaborating with design firms, we produce custom signage that conveniently and attractively guides visitors to the proper location with efficiency and care.


Parkade: A Sign System

IMG’s parking garage sign system, Parkade, is a cost-effective yet flexible alternative to custom solution for facilities that do not have the budget for custom signage.


Digital experiences in healthcare are a sign of your commitment to excellence

Digital products are changing the way people interact with spaces and information. In healthcare, digital solutions make navigation easier, expedite registration, and payments, and better educate patients to make informed decisions. IMG works with healthcare facilities and software companies to develop and integrate effective digital solutions to improve visitor experiences.


Digital Signage




Digital Wayfinding