Interior Sign Systems

When the cost of custom doesn’t work, IMG Sign Systems provide an ideal solution. We approach our systems with the design and the designer in mind. With our systems, we believe you should maintain consistency and efficiency without losing creativity and consideration for your brand.

Our sign systems are inspired “by designers, for designers.”



Imago is the go-to system for designers and brands that require maximum creative flexibility. Comprising of base signs and expanded components, the Imago system accommodates complex spaces. Today, you’ll find Imago in office buildings, corporate offices, student centers, athletic facilities, college residences, and more.



Designed for the healthcare environment, Overture is a streamlined sign system perfectly created to implement within hospitals, medical office buildings, urgent care facilities, and beyond. Overture is simple and flexible. Do your homework, and you’ll find that Overture is a system guaranteed to make your budget go further.