Interactive Kiosk Programs

“Kiosk” has different meanings from person to person. Whether they are designed with a digital touch experience in mind or are simply a destination to serve your customers’ needs, IMG is well-equipped to produce solutions that turn your bright ideas into reality.

You’ll find innovative kiosk products we’ve built in Fortune 100 retail, international airports, major hospitality chains, physicians’ offices, and hospitals. They’re being used to support customer service, address emergency flight disruptions, create new points-of-sale, expedite check-in at the doctor’s office, provide digital wayfinding in complex hospitals and airports, help runners find a perfect path to exercise, and much more.

Kiosks that address complex problems or capitalize on opportunities require thorough planning, design, engineering, and execution. We are here to partner with you to develop the ideal solution, fully integrated and ready to deploy, for your space and your customer.