We love working with cities, local municipalities, and community improvement districts to create dynamic first impressions. There’s nothing like partnerships that focus on building brands for communities where people enjoy the live-work-play experience.

Whether working with a design firm or a design-build project, IMG is passionate about giving our best to ensure that the vision for experiencing and navigating a space, for areas big and small, is enjoyable and memorable.


We partner with designers and municipalities to develop custom signage for exterior & interior wayfinding

As they enter your city, we want visitors to be impressed. That’s why IMG is focused on delivering innovative quality signage that grabs the attention of your visitors and residents. Let that experience extend into your town and through every experience including the interiors of city hall, courthouses, and other facilities that sustain that impression.


Imago is a cost-effective solution for municipal building interiors

When you need a cost-effective yet creative sign system, look no further than IMG. Our whole approach to product development is to ensure that you don’t lose the creative flexibility while obtaining the benefits of a system.


Imago starts simple and expands with the needs or the customer. Base and component signs combine to meet the needs of each room. The creative elements begin with solid colors and brand elements and transform with the use of digital prints and surface design.


Make the positive parking experience in your town the experience people talk about

They’re either in a hurry to catch a ride or settle into a comfortable room. Get them there fast and make solid first impressions as your travelers search for the perfect parking spot.


Custom Parking Signage

Designers who have already tackled the complex planning and creative process need partners like IMG to make those ideas real. Partner with us to implement your plan.


Parkade: A Sign System

Making the parking garage a value-engineered last resort is a bad idea when it comes to transportation and hospitality environments. Choose Parkade to address the budget issue.