There are no more demanding environments that must address the complex needs of employees, visitors, and vendors than corporate and office buildings. Although the spaces must be fashionably creative, the must also be functional. The ability to navigate those spaces is necessary to create comfortable and safe workplaces. Designers, architects, facilities managers, and property developers look to IMG for our ability to deliver flexible solutions for complex spaces.


Your property is most attractive when it is easy to find and navigate

Your environment contributes to your culture and is a major part of creating a space where people love to work. Custom signage that reflects your brand, message, and values is a worthwhile investment. We partner with firms that focus on exactly what it takes to design spaces that set the best apart from the rest.


Imago is a proven system for office & corporate interior spaces


Available in a number of sign configurations, Imago is perfect for corporate office spaces and multi-tenant buildings that require a custom look on a budget. Imago’s layered design allows for customization on or off the wall making it easy to update anytime. Whether specified through a designer or you require design assistance, we’re here to help you understand how Imago can meet your interior signage needs.


Every visitor to your property should find parking with ease

Don’t underestimate the importance of a great parking experience for your employees and visitors. There’s nothing like a bad parking experience. IMG provides custom and system options to upgrade your parking garage environment.


Custom Parking Signage

If welcoming tenants and customers to your office building is a priority, then consider customer parking garage signs to ensure the best experience possible.


Parkade: A Sign System

When budget is driving your decision-making process, don’t skimp on the parking garage signage and risk a poor impression. Leverage Parkade for effectiveness and cost-savings.


Digital solutions play an important role in the wayfinding experience

Digital signage and wayfinding in corporate spaces is not new. In fact, it is becoming commonplace and expected. Utilizing digital signage allows more creative use of the space and creates a better experience for everyone involved. Wayfinding directories especially aid in the navigation of campuses and larger environments. On the flip side, EPS signage delivers a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution for facilities that require maximum flexibility.


Digital Signage


Electronic Paper Signage (EPS)


Digital Wayfinding