Don’t Cut Corners

The irony that we’ve learned from producing signage for dozens of parking garages is that they are usually the first signs to be value-engineered (cost cutting), yet they are the signs that often create the most important first impression.

We’ve all had a bad parking garage experience. There’s no feeling worse than finding a parking spot and returning to your car without the stress of finding it. When you take that into account, why would you cheapen the signs and ultimately cheapen the experience?

The perfect package for your parking experience

Parkade includes the sign types that are most common in parking garage experiences. From crash bars at the entrance, identity signs, and directionals, Parkade checks all of the boxes. Although Parkade is a system to provide multiple benefits, it also gives you plenty of creative flexibility to integrate into your space.

Use Parkade anywhere

From hospitals to multi-family residential, mixed use to municipal complexes, Parkade absolutely works. You’ll find the design and finishes that you need while taking control of the graphics to conform to your environment and provide the best parking experience.