In a hectic world of “GO GO GO,” every brand in the world of transportation and hospitality must be incredibly efficient to create excellent experiences. Developing effective signage and experiential products is a significant contributor to building loyalty with travelers.

IMG’s relationships with major brands like Delta Air Lines, IHG, Marriott and others are a testimony to our ability to serve customers with complex challenges and high expectations. We consider it a pleasure to serve customers such as these. We hope you’re next.


Elevate your brand experience with beautifully designed and manufactured custom signage

Whether a travel is approaching a hotel, airport, or station, custom signage that represents your brand is key to building the ideal experience. IMG has created signage in partnership with national design firms for major and regional airports, mass transit, bus and train stations throughout the United States.


Imago is a strong contender for creative interior signage

When you need a cost-effective yet creative sign system, look no further than IMG. Our whole approach to product development is to ensure that you don’t lose the creative flexibility while obtaining the benefits of a system.


Imago starts simple and expands with the needs or the customer. Base and component signs combine to meet the needs of each room. The creative elements begin with solid colors and brand elements and transform with the use of digital prints and surface design.


Parking shouldn’t be a complicated process in the travel experience

They’re either in a hurry to catch a ride or settle into a comfortable room. Get them there fast and make solid first impressions as your travelers search for the perfect parking spot.


Custom Parking Signage

Designers who have already tackled the complex planning and creative process need partners like IMG to make those ideas real. Partner with us to implement your plan.


Parkade: A Sign System

Making the parking garage a value-engineered last resort is a bad idea when it comes to transportation and hospitality environments. Choose Parkade to address the budget issue.


Digital Signage, Wayfinding, and Kiosks

IMG has provided complex wayfinding and digital kiosk solutions in transportation and hospitality environments. We partner with software agencies and hardware providers to create the ultimate integrated solutions.


Digital Signage (PIDS, FIDS & BIDS)

IMG integrates your hardware & software to create complete passenger, flight & boarding information display systems.


Digital Wayfinding

Use digital wayfinding solutions in strategic places to provide comprehensive information, directions, and promotion.



Kiosks deliver interactive experiences that help visitors answer questions, make transactions, and streamline processes.


Experiential Products

At the end of the journey, where you meet your customer face-to-face, there is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Meeting your customer at their point of need is a reflection that you care, and that naturally increases your brand equity with the customer. IMG provides the design and engineering expertise along with the manufacturing capabilities to transform the experience with your traveler.


IHG Wellness Station


Charging Stations